"Palisades Episcopal School is a school honoring Christ and committed to providing a classical education challenging the mind, body and spirit."


Classrooms, hallways, and grounds of Palisades Episcopal School are alive with learning. Palisades Episcopal School lower school students are engaged in vibrant learning opportunities provided by experienced teachers whose enthusiasm for teaching is reflected in the joyous smiles of their learners. Palisades Episcopal School offers a rich classical elementary education designed to build students’ foundational skills while fostering their creative and spiritual development. Integrated studies extend learning beyond classroom and subject boundaries, inspiring students to live learning for life.


Literacy: Palisades Episcopal School offers a comprehensive elementary literacy curriculum. In addition to rich opportunities for students to read a variety of literature, from classics to Newbery winning novels, the Palisades Episcopal School’s literacy program provides foundational instruction in phonics, spelling, handwriting, and grammar. Students are also regularly engaged in authentic writing and speaking opportunities, nurturing students’ communication skills and developing them as effective readers, writers, and communicators.


Mathematics: Palisades Episcopal School provides a dynamic mathematics curriculum combining a variety of outstanding resources and technology to ground its students in essential computation skills and mathematical problem-solving. Mathematics study is differentiated to challenge students’ diverse abilities and learning styles.


History / World Studies: History and world cultures are critical components of the Palisades Episcopal School curriculum.  Even the youngest Palisades Episcopal School students engage in regular geography and global studies, developing students’ sense of our world and its origins. Social Studies is an interdisciplinary study at Palisades Episcopal School as literature, music, art, and the cultural arts bring history to life. Across the campus, Palisades Episcopal School students can be seen “playing” with history – dancing the Meringue, cooking Libyan stew, and performing Chinese shadow puppet plays.

Science: Scientific studies are an essential part of the Palisades Episcopal School curriculum. Lower school students participate in regular investigations fostering their scientific reasoning and observational skills. Hands-on experiments enliven all branches of science. From creating “blood” to dissecting owl pellets, science “fun” is evident in every Palisades Episcopal School classroom.


Devotions: Students engage in daily devotions emphasizing bible studies, character development, and spiritual wisdom. Weekly Chapel service focuses on the “Fruits of the Spirit.” Students who have personified these fruits are honored monthly for their exemplary character and faithfulness.  Christian faith defines Palisades Episcopal School – it is evident in the school’s Student Commandments, rehearsed in daily morning prayer, and embodied in the students’ interactions with each other.


Enrichment: Palisades Episcopal School provides exceptional opportunities to enrich the diverse talents and interests of its students. Lower school students attend weekly art, music, physical education, and technology classes. In art and music courses students hone their artistic techniques and develop an appreciation of music and art history. Physical education classes encourage students’ physical activity, gross motor development, and sportsmanship. In addition to the technology infused in regular classroom instruction, technology classes provide students with an opportunity to hone keyboarding skills, utilize multi-media and educational software, and refine web-based research techniques.


Languages: Latin study is a hallmark of a classical school. Palisades Episcopal School students in grades 3 – 8 participate in regular Latin class emphasizing Latin word origins and classical Greek and Roman studies. All Palisades Episcopal School students are taught Spanish class in which they engage in conversational Spanish and learn the essential skills to speak, write and read Spanish.


Service: Palisades Episcopal School students are involved in service learning opportunities designed to deepen their sense of responsibility and citizenship. Lower school students collaborate together to on various service projects. As part of Palisades Episcopal School’s commitment to the International Audubon Society, lower school students also participate in weekly outdoor bird club in which they learn about the adaptations and habitats of local birds.

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