"Palisades Episcopal School is a school honoring Christ and committed to providing a classical education challenging the mind, body and spirit."

Lower School

There is nothing in the world like the natural curiosity and amazement of a child. At Palisades Episcopal School, we capitalize on this enthusiasm for learning to help every child reach his or her God-given potential. Our focus on the process of learning and the value of character creates responsible, self-motivated students who excel both academically and socially.


You will find our classrooms filled with laughter, singing, debate, art, cooperative learning and investigations. Our rich and meaningful, classical curriculum engages students and encourages them to take ownership over their own education. Classical education is separated into three learning levels called the trivium: grammar, logic and rhetoric. Our Lower School embraces the grammar stage by instilling wisdom and a love for learning at a very young age. Children are like sponges and should be filled to the brim with an excitement about God’s creation. Our Lower School’s role in the trivium is to provide a solid foundation that will carry over to the logic and rhetoric stage of our student’s learning. Through this approach, students are taught how to think instead of what to think. Through individual and small group instruction, projects and real-life experiences, we promote learning as a lifelong process, while guiding our children on the path to becoming independent thinkers.


Each child at Palisades Episcopal School is known and loved for his or her special talents, strengths and interests. Our faculty and staff have the true gift of nurturing and act as facilitators, challenging each child to reach his or her highest potential. We pride ourselves on understanding where each student is in the educational process and working with him or her to ensure individual success.


As a Christ-centered school, we work to help each child develop a guiding moral compass. Children are lifted up for making the right choices and shown that their actions matter. I hope you will take the time to see for yourself the amazing students, supportive parents, dedicated faculty and staff, and the interactive Head of School and Board of Trustees at Palisades Episcopal School. You will find a school environment unlike anywhere else.



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