"Palisades Episcopal School is a school honoring Christ and committed to providing a classical education challenging the mind, body and spirit."




Exceptional schools instill in their students a love of learning and prepare them for life. At Palisades Episcopal School, we nurture our students’ intellectual curiosity, honor God and country, encourage personal growth, and encourage critical thinking and innovation.  Through individual and small group instruction, projects and real-life experiences, Palisades Episcopal School promotes learning as a life long process while guiding our children on the path to becoming independent thinkers.


According to the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), the 400,000+ families who send their children to independent schools consistently cite individual attention, small classes, teacher excellence, and high academic standards as the reasons they choose an independent school education for their families. They want the best for their children.


The National Educational Longitudinal Study (NELS), conducted by the U.S. Department of Education, traced the life experiences of students from independent, Catholic, public, and other private schools. This study confirms what independent school families have known for years:


  • Independent schools provide a rigorous curriculum that encourages students to master core knowledge at an early age and acquire advanced skills that pave the way for success in college.


  • Independent school students watch 66% less TV, and have a better relationship with their teachers than public, parochial, and other private schools.


  • Students attending independent schools earned significantly higher SAT scores.


  • 76% of independent school students completed a four-year degree or higher, compared to 65% Catholic, 57% other private, and 38% public.


  • Independent school graduates pursued a much more diverse range of college majors in liberal arts, social sciences, and natural science.


  • 90% of independent school graduates expressed strong satisfaction with careers, compared to 77% of their peers from other institutions.


  • Perhaps, however, the most significant factor that distinguishes independent school graduates from others was the strength of their commitment to lead healthy adult lives and pursue a more active range of personal interests than their peers from other schools, such as:  reading newspapers and books, attending plays and concerts, participating in community service work, and engaging in regular exercise.


While families recognize the value of an independent school education, few find it easy to pay for independent school tuition. Most families consciously adjust their spending priorities, maximize both parents’ earnings, reassess tax strategies, and carefully manage assets.


Some families, however, need outside assistance no matter how carefully they fine-tune family finances. Palisades Episcopal School opens its doors to students who can benefit from its educational program regardless of economic need and for this reason, financial assistance is a major commitment of the School. Although it is not possible to meet all requests for such assistance, the School makes an effort to help as many families as possible. Grants are made solely on the basis of financial need — the difference between educational expenses and a family’s ability to pay those expenses.


The following form will provide you the necessary information to apply for financial assistance. For further questions, please contact the Financial Assistance Office at 704-583-1825. Thank you for your interest.


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